I have had the honor of serving dinner at one of our local churches. I renewed acquaintances, saw many friends and developed new ones. While serving I thought about the many families struggling across the county or people looking for fellowship and a friend to share a meal.

This community is amazing, 110 + non-profits on Orcas alone, with the common goals of serving the community.  It is hard to fathom the giving spirit of neighbor helping neighbor and the committed volunteers who give many hours a month in service to the community.  I was humbled by the joy and spirit of the people I met and hope I will have more opportunities to serve with these amazing islanders.

Our island communities are home to many organizations that are always in need of volunteers.  I would encourage all of us to seek opportunities to volunteer. There are activities and functions for everyone regardless of specific time or physical limitations. Besides filling a specific need, I would hope that everyone could have that same warm sense of community that I’ve been fortunate to feel.



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