My Objectives

Improve the long-term prospect of living wage jobs – Our citizens are educated, skilled, and eager to work hard. What we lack are businesses willing to take advantage of our human resources in new innovative ways. Our county leaders must leverage their unique positions to demonstrate the benefits to companies of locating some or all of their operations to the San Juan Islands.

Provide long term affordable rental housing options so our families and seniors are able to find housing that is sustainable.

Develop only clear, concise and appropriate regulations  We must have regulations that are clear and easy to understand. Further, we must only establish regulations when and where there is a clear need. 

Assure reliable and responsive care for our seniors – Health and medical advances have paved a way for many of us to live long, productive lives. We should be able to spend our sunset on the islands that we’ve come to love. County leaders can work with different sectors to assure our senior have consistent quality care. 

Evaluate and promote reasonable and affordable local transportation options – Fuel, vehicles, insurance and maintenance costs continue to rise, often outstripping the rate of inflation. Islanders have dealt with this through alternatives from owning older vehicles to hitchhiking. County government should look to higher capacity options that will allow our citizens who do not drive to get to the market or their doctor. 

Promote locally controlled high-speed Internet - Try to apply for college, or for a new job, or even try to get instructions on how to complete your taxes without the Internet. It’s almost as much a part of everyday life as electricity itself. High speed Internet is critical for our ability to attract new business and business models not bound to an office or factory, and it’s vital to our citizens in conducting their daily lives.

Areas of Focus

SimpleMake county codes and processes easy to follow and understand

LocalPromote island specific solutions to preserve our diverse Island Culture 

CommunicationProvide transparent, active and timely flow of information to the public. Develop a customer service orientation​


~ Solve difficult problems in a neighborly fashion


~ Maintain our fragile environment

~ Help our island residences become more self-sufficient

~ Create living wage jobs and affordable rental housing

~ Assure the long-term growth of agricultural business

~ Plan for emergency situations


~ Maintain/improve reliable ferry service to the four served islands

~ Build multi-model transportation infrastructure that will satisfy county needs for next 20 years

~ Encourage cost effective high-speed Internet

~ Improve EMS coverage county-wide

Financial Responsibility

~ Operate within a balanced budget

~ Fund a reliable reserve

~ Limit tax and fee expansion

~ Manage overall spending

Economic Development

~ Support local business

~ Embrace fully our tourist and construction economies

~ Provide residents and visitors with quality welcoming facilities

~ Explore new sources of income for our islands

~ Continue to invest in our community to create better opportunities for employment

Guiding Principles for County Government